Environmental, Health, Safety and Community Policy

The Galore Creek Mining Corporation is a 50/50 joint venture partnership between NOVAGOLD RESOURCES INC. and Teck Resources Limited established to explore and develop the Galore Creek copper-gold-silver deposit located in the traditional territory of the Tahltan Nation in northwestern British Columbia.

The Galore Creek Mining Corporation is committed to developing a mining operation in a sustainable and responsible manner and to meeting all aspects of the participation agreement with their partners of the Tahltan Nation. The Galore Creek Mining Corporation seeks continuous improvement and excellence (łani eti'e) in all aspects of its business by taking into account evolving scientific knowledge and Tahltan knowledge for the benefit of shareholders, workers and the Tahltan Nation. It is our policy to achieve a high standard of environmental care while protecting the health and safety of our workers and partners in the community.

In doing so, we commit to:

 Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards and, where laws do not adequately protect the environment or safety, apply standards that minimize any adverse environmental or health impacts resulting from its operations, products and services;

 Ensure emergency response preparedness is in place to protect the environment, employee safety and local communities.

 Ensure that it has management systems in place to identify, control and monitor environmental and safety risks arising from every phase of mine development.

 Continuously seek improvements in identifying risks and hazards for every task and eliminate, isolate or mitigate the risks and hazards that could result in injury to team members or harm to the environment or local communities.

 Operate in an environmentally sound manner, utilizing best management practices and seeking continual improvement, innovation and pollution prevention.

 Train and create awareness among all of the employees and contractors by promoting a safety culture and recognizing safety as a core value.

 Foster open and respectful dialogue with the Tahltan Nation, Regulatory Agencies and all local communities.

 Preserve and protect Heritage Resources to ensure Tahltan culture is protected and respected.

Core Values

Constantly seeking continuous improvement and excellence guides the team's preformance.

First Nation Relationships

Respect demonstrated by action.

Our Policy

Read GCMC's Environmental, Health, Safety and Community Policy.